February Post

Has anyone noticed how Raees has its criticisms mostly in private blogs and not in any of the mainstream websites/blog-spaces? I loved Raees. My husband didn’t.

We got to know about this practice when my husband wrote a criticism and tried to approach some of the well-known, all-opinions-welcome websites. They never said no to the written piece; neither did they publish. They silently tried to kill time, so that it would get outdated.

         “Rape” isn’t just physical, and “The Mind Watches All”.

My article titled Other Side of The Story – Raees, on the other hand, had travelled pretty well. Thanks readers. But the story doesn’t end there. There is still another side of that story as well. Desperation and addiction of being at the top is one such malice that can rip apart all goodness and embrace the dirty!

Kaabil, an excellent film that espouses cause and content, had earlier declared the Republic Day weekend as their release date. Raees suddenly forced itself there since it didn’t want to get into the way of Sultan or Dangal.


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